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Supermodel Natalia VodianovaSupermodel Natalia VodianovaSupermodel Natalia Vodianova
NAME: Natalia Vodianova
HEIGHT: 5'9"
MEASUREMENTS: 34.5-24.5-35
WEIGHT: 110 lbs
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Blue
BORN: 1982 in Gorki, Russia

DISCOVERED: At 15 Natalia left home to fend for herself by selling fruit in a market in the industrial town of Nizhniy Novgorod, 250 east of Moscow. At 17, she left Russia to try her luck as a model in Paris. At 19, she felt in love with the son of an English viscount, had his baby and three months later was starring in the YSL show. When they married, in a three-days extravaganza of a wedding, she was 20, he was 33.

"When I was 14 a boyfriend introduced me to a 'modeling academy' where we leaned things like how to say poetry, and never had any photographs taken. It was more like going for fun. When a scout from Paris came up, he told me, 'you are going to Paris, and you will do well, but only if you learn English in three months'." says Natalia.

AGENCY: NY-DNA, Milan-Why Not, London-Take 2.

RÉSUMÉ: Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Versus and Marc Jacobs campaigns. The face of Gucci's new perfume. Billboards for Swish Jeans (Italy) and ads for Miss Sixty and Moschino. Appears in film CQ.

KNOWN FOR: Her racy Calvin Klein ads.

HOME: New York City

SWEETIE: Aristrocrat, billionaire and contemporary artist Justin Berkley, with whom she had a one-night-stand that resulted in their son, Lucas.

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